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The EXCEED program is in full swing. Our teacher candidates have learned many new instructional strategies aligned to Broward and Palm Beach’s teacher evaluation systems.  Teacher candidates are delving into building rigorous learning goals and scales.  Embedding them into their practice supports standard-based instruction and helps student progression.  
Here are some examples of learning goals and scales that teacher candidates Mary Barnickel and Karly Brown have developed and used during their student teaching experiences.  Both are well on their way to being hired as teachers in Palm Beach and Broward.




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Summer 2016 has been a busy month!  The Department of Teaching and Learning faculty and representatives from Broward and Palm Beach schools have teamed up to collaborate on several new courses and to engage in continuous improvement of the methods courses in the elementary education program!  The work has been outstanding and future educators will be the benefactors of the commitment and great work the faculty has done.  The roll out of the new and revised coursework will be spring 2017!




Sherri Blanford  Sherri Blanford


As a result of the EXCEED grant, FAU has conducted extensive training with university supervisors and cooperating teachers from Broward and Palm Beach counties to develop greater accountability and feedback protocols to accelerate the development of pre-service teachers.


One tool being implemented is New Teacher Center’s Collaborative Assessment Log (CAL). Sherri Blanford serves as first grade teacher and Clinical Educator at Marshe Pointe Elementary.  This semester, Sherri is hosting Student Teacher (ST) Steven Jevotovsky, and shared her perspective on how the CAL has impacted her role as a Clinical Educator:


“The CAL helps to facilitate a natural flow of conversations and by keeping a focus on the important aspects of the lesson.  It helps the student teacher have a record of the focus points from the conversation.  It's a formal way to talk about the needed components, and yet allows the users to speak freely.”




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